We Surveyed Moms Across the U.S., Here's What They Really Want for Mother's Day

 Before you know it, you’ll be able to have a Mother’s day gift sent to mom without a second thought. Picture this: your Google Calendar instantly connects to her pre-set online wish list, the transaction automatically processed; package tightly wrapped, digitally signed card included, and doorstep delivered. Every mom’s Mother’s Day dream come true, right?! WRONG. We conducted a critical social research study on moms across the nation to get to the bottom of what they love about Mother’s Day and the gifts they hope to receive this year. 

A simple random sampling method was used to contact and survey a total of 300 moms to participate in the study. 200 digital quantitative surveys were collected from Metropolitan U.S. cities of Miami, New York, Austin, Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles; while 100 live verbal qualitative interviews were conducted.If you are planning to spend the day with your mom, you’re on the right track. Making them the priority and setting aside all other plans will get you on their great side. Making sure they get a break from cleaning, cooking, and stressing came in second.

When it comes to gift giving, steer way clear of housekeeping items or kitchenware. According to our research, mothers do not want gifts that remind them of  chores or gifts that say “this will help you lose weight.” Flowers, chocolate, gift, card and massages; sound familiar?  These are the Mother’s Day gifts we most commonly reach for. But keep in mind It’s best not to get caught up on cost of the gift as our moms claim to value the thought and care we put into the gift, rather than its price tag. Yup, it’s a win win! 

With the convenience of online purchasing, next day delivery options, it’s easier than ever to procrastinate on a gift and have to settle for gifting the basic and boring. That’s why we have put together a quick list the best thoughtful gift ideas below that are sure to make your mom feel the way she deserves to! 

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs:  With a slogan like “bringing thoughtful back with handmade,” we know we’ve arrived at the right site. A Mother’s Day Collection of Semi-custom designs on everyday use products is about as thoughtful as it gets. Check out Passion Press Shop’s 3 generations designs. Shop Now: Passion Press Shop

2. Watercolor Scratch Off Map: This is a beautiful concept map for your favorite world traveler. The more destinations she has visited on the globe, the more is revealed of the underneath artwork. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift for the travel enthusiast. Shop Now: Scratch off map

3. Chic Picnic Plan: Find a local park to host your very own chic picnic. Starting with the fashionable basket, check out the Picnic Time Basket $39.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond. For a bigger budget, try Somerset's Basket $199 or  Delavan Terrace Linden, $428, available at Kate Spade. “Wow” her mom by bringing along fun colored napkins, plates, and cups, her favorite snacks and a bottle of bubbly. Food, sun, fresh air, and a lovely conversation are sure to make her day extra special!

4. Charm Personalized Jewelry: For our fave unique charm jewelry check out Junk Market Jewelry. Pick a necklace or bracelet, choose out of the cute charms displaying a custom combo of hobbies, initials, symbols and other treasures. holiday. Shop Now: Charm Jewelry 

All in all, a thoughtful yet reasonably priced, preferably handmade, gift beats something shiny and pricey. Moms want a day plan showing that you care. They want us to spend quality time with them. Mom’s given you the world, it’s time to give her what she wants!   

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